[NEW] One Missed Call Remake


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[NEW] One Missed Call Remake

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One Missed Call Remake

Haven't reported a remake in the wings for a while, and if you've been reading since the beginning you must have sat through a birrage of them.

Anyway, here we go, a Hollywood remake of a Japanese movie.
  • After HILLS took in over $40 million in the U.S. alone, Craven and producing partner Marianne Maddalena offered the inevitable follow-up to Frenchman Aja (who co-wrote the redux with pal Gregory Lavasseur). Aja declined. “So my son and I decided to write it ourselves, and we are hard at work,” Craven says. “I wrote LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT in three days, so this shouldn’t be so tough.” Craven and son previously collaborated on the Lance Henriksen horror movie MIND RIPPER, which, coincidentally, had begun life as a third HILLS movie back in 1995 before being reconfigured as a stand-alone film. The latest HILLS 2 will ignore Craven’s own critically lambasted HILLS sequel from 1985, dog flashback and all. So with Aja out of the picture, who will direct the new HILLS?

    “We’re talking with Michael J. Bassett, now that Alexander is busy on another project [THE WAITING],” Craven reveals. British helmer Bassett has won festival acclaim with his current effort WILDERNESS, about juvenile delinquents being hunted as sport. “I’m also a fan of his previous film DEATHWATCH, which had some very impressive sequences and was shot for not very much money,” Craven notes of the WWI horror film which co-starred KING KONG’s Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis. The new HILLS will shoot this summer, and Craven himself plans on directing a movie of his own in the next year. “I’m writing a film called BUG,” Craven says. “It’s an original script, and it’s not about killer insects. It’s a thriller set in a high school. The bug of the title refers to a surveillance device.” (thanks to Fangoria.com) No dog flashback?! Come on!
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