[NEW] Capcom's Clock Tower 3 movie


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[NEW] Capcom's Clock Tower 3 movie

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Capcom's Clock Tower 3 movie

Not familiar with the capcom game myself... a tad worried about the contribution this company is going to have. Flooding more crap video game conversions or actually break from the norm?
  • Mayhem Project has made its first two writer deals, inking scribe Todd Farrmer to adapt Capcom videogame CLOCK TOWER 3 and Ronnie Christensen for his original supernatural thriller SANCTUARY. Launched in June, Mayhem hopes to produce two to three features per year, targeting projects based on established franchises such as comicbooks and videogames; budgets will be $10 million-$30 million.


    A film adaptation of Capcom's horror franchise Clock Tower is set to begin production this fall, according to entertainment website Variety.com.

    Jorge Olguin, a well-known figure in the movie industry in his home country of Chile, will direct the video game adaptation. Olguin also directed Angel Nero (2000) and Sangre Eterna (2002), both of which are horror films that received acclaim in Chile.

    Olguin landed the job after developing an animated storyboard for the movie that featured the infamous Clock Tower villain, Scissorman.

    The script for the Clock Tower movie has already been written by Jake Wade Wall, who also penned the script for the 2006 film When a Stranger Calls.
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