[NEW] Uwe Boll Challanges Tarantino and his critics

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[NEW] Uwe Boll Challanges Tarantino and his critics

ZeaLot » 2006-06-30, 09:57

Uwe Boll Challanges Tarantino and his critics

    Maverick Independent filmmaker Uwe Boll is set to face his toughest detractors head on as part of the upcoming movie “Postal” which is based on the highly controversial series from Running with Scissors.

    Boll the creator of such films as “House of the Dead”, “Alone in the Dark” , “Bloodrayne”, and the pending “In the Name of the King a Dungeon Siege Tale”, has often been the target of biting and venomous reviews despite the fact that all of his films have turned a profit once the final box office and home video receipts are tallied.

    Despite his films financial success, Boll who works outside of the studio system and has his films financed by investors has often been called out by critics as a lousy director whose films are among the worst ever made.

    Not content to let such hash criticism go unanswered Boll has decided to face his critics once and for all with a unique challenge that will allow director and critic to face off in a battle royal that further establishes the Directors passion for his craft and his willingness to go the extra mile to put his convictions on the line against those who are content to hide behind their words without any consequences from those they have slighted.

    The full release is below.

    Uwe Boll Challenges His Critics
    “To Put Up Or Shut Up !”

    Uwe Boll Invites His Top 5 Most Outspoken Critics of 2005
    To Appear In His Feature Film “Postal”.

    Airfares & Hotel Expenses To Vancouver Will Be Paid
    By Uwe Boll’s Production Company For These Critics To Be In Postal.
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