[NEW] Remakes: Shivers, Rabid and Death Weekend


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[NEW] Remakes: Shivers, Rabid and Death Weekend

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Remakes: Shivers, Rabid and Death Weekend

Will the horror never end?
  • Today WHITEOUT producer Don Carmody talked to Shock Till You Drop about the highly anticipated sequel to SILENT HILL, "We're developing, slowly, a screenplay... I don't think Christophe wants to direct it. He's involved pretty heavily in another project right now."

    As for the adaptation of CLOCK TOWER "It's a tricky one to get," Carmody admits, alluding to the project's body count of scribes who have been caught in its gears for Mayhem Project and The Weinstein Company.

    As of last summer, Jorge Olquin was set to direct. So why is this one such a tough nut to crack? "I became involved in the project about a year ago and I just felt they were going the wrong way. So I added my two-cents and they're trying to put it in. We'll see what happens there. Hopefully it'll develop out, not every iron you stick in the fire gets used."

    But this biggest news of all is that Carmody says that he's been approached by various entities to remake many of his older horror films including Shivers, Rabid and even Death Weekend, the website reports.
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