[NEW] Death Race Remake still on the prowl


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[NEW] Death Race Remake still on the prowl

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Death Race Remake still on the prowl

By writer heavy weight (or rather, not :roll: )... okay lets try very competant director, talentless writer Paul W.S. Anderson.

Lets hope its better than his shitty AvP and Resident Evil efforts :)
  • DEATH RACE: Paul W.S. Anderson's remake is heating up as offers are being made to Glenn Close to play the part of the warden, according to a scooper over at the Latino Review web site. In addition, Lawrence Fishburne is up for the coach & Djimon Hounsou is up for the main rival role which was once played by Sylvester Stallone. Jason Statham was reported as in talks by the same website a few weeks back, which was confirmed by the trades. These rumors sounds pretty solid. The film is a remake, which was a no-holds-barred, ultraviolent car race, set in 2020. (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting.com)
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