Soundtrack - Psycho *MP3*

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Soundtrack - Psycho *MP3*

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Much has been made of composer Bernard Herrmann's choice to use only razor-sharp, slashing strings for his score to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. And heaven knows it works like a dream (or a nightmare), the music feeling as edgy and colorless as the noir-ish black-and-white photography. But as noticeably effective as the knife-screeching violins are in the famous shower scene (followed by those deadly blows from the basses and cellos), they work just as powerfully--though perhaps not as noticeably--all throughout the picture. Herrmann evokes dread and tension with just a few notes, or captures Janet Leigh's flighty panic in pizzicato as she hits the fateful road to the Bates Motel after impulsively stealing a large sum of money from her employer. --Jim Emerson
Album Title:
Bernard Herrmann
Joel McNeeley
The Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Varese Sarabande
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Track List

1. Prelude mp3 audio clip
2. City
3. Marion mp3 audio clip
4. Marion And Sam
5. Temptation
6. Flight
7. Patrol Car mp3 audio clip
8. Car Lot
9. Package
10. Rainstorm
11. Hotel Room mp3 audio clip
12. Window
13. Parlor
14. Madhouse
15. Peephole
16. Bathroom
17. Murder mp3 audio clip
18. Body
19. Office
20. Curtain
21. Water
22. Car
23. Cleanup
24. Swamp
25. Search
26. Shadow
27. Phone Booth
28. Porch
29. Stairs
30. Knife
31. Search (B)
32. First Floor
33. Cabin 10
34. Cabin 1
35. Hill
36. Bedroom
37. Toys
38. Cellar
39. Discovery
40. Finale

Total length: 60m53s

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