Aleister Crowley 666 [2 CD Set/ 320 kbps] [UK] [2000/CD Audi

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Aleister Crowley 666 [2 CD Set/ 320 kbps] [UK] [2000/CD Audi

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Siūlau pasiklausyt. Vertas dėmesio albumas.
On the first disc the FM resonant poetic utterings of The Beast 666 are overlaid with haunting synth tracks andsamples of the world of nature that admirably portray, convey and describe the great ocean of dark and chaotic elemental forces. A magician of any background, oral legiance to any one order or discipline, should welcomethis disc as a means and aid to deep contemplative study and meditation. The symphonies of darkness so constructe dare symbolic almost of an other worldly ethereal torch, with which the magician may illuminate the shadows more… that one may so disturb and wake the vampires and another creatures of the night (See "The Lost Boys" for further information concerning vampiric entities...) The second disc constitutes a short assemblage of poem sand Enochian invocations that are difficult if not nex tto impossible to decipher due to the excessive background hiss on the original analogue wax recordings, which would have benefited greatly from a dose of studio post-processing & digital filtering. None theless, the power and use of the voice as a tool of the ritual magician is clearly demonstrated by the articulation of the words by Crowley. If naught else, it should serve to connect the serious student of Thelema with the timeless and ageless word of a Master. A short snippet and recitation of the Gnostic Mass is the highlight of disc 2. A shame then that the Mass is not reproduced here in it's entirety. A worthy addition to the magickal toolset then, if forno other reason than as a means to promote a depth and breadth of awareness of the unconscious & eternal self.
----- DISC 1 -----

1 Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star
2 Love Is The Law - (with Love Under Will)
3 Sigil Of The Master Therion
4 666-418-93
5 The Scourge, The Dagger And The Chain
6 Aning Ning Ning
7 Osiris Risen

----- DISC 2 -----

1 The Call Of The First Aethyr, The - (Enochian version)
2 The Call Of The First Aethyr, The - (English version)
3 The Call Of The Second Aethyr, The - (Enochian version)
4 The Call Of The Second Aethyr, The - (English version)
5 La Gitana
6 The Pentagram
7 The One Sovereign For The Woman
8 The Poet
9 At Sea
10 The Fingernails
11 The Titanic
12 Hymn To The American People
13 Excerpts From The Gnostic Mass
14 Vive La French Republic
15 (untitled) - (hidden track)

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