The Bloody Judge (1970)

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The Bloody Judge (1970)

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The Bloody Judge (1970)


  • Comparable to Witchfinder General, this too claims a basis in fact, with a 17th century judge with too much fondness for the neck stretching side of his job. Never previously available, this is a must for fans of the always estimable Christopher Lee as well as one for Jess Franco-philes everywhere.

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Filesize: 730030790 Bytes (696,21 MB)
Streams (i.e. Video, Audio): 2
Video Stream
Compression: xvid - XVID MPEG-4
Avg. Bitrate: 947,20 kbit/s
Resolution: 688x416
Color Depth: 24 bits
Running Time: 5366,56 s (1h 29m 26s)
Framerate: 25,0000 fps
Microseconds Per Frame: 40000 ms
Frames: 134164
Keyframes: 1067 (Every 125)
Audio Stream
Wave Type: 85 - MPEG Layer 3
Avg. Bitrate: 127,99 kbit/s
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Bit Depth: 0 Bits
Channels: 2
Audio Delay: 0,00 s
Duke Henry: I am Henry the Red. Duke of Shale, Lord of the Northlands and leader of its peoples.
Ash: Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things: Jack and shit... and Jack just left town.
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