Naked Blood (1995)

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Naked Blood (1995)

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Naked Blood (1995)


  • Eiji,a young scientist invents serum called Myson which transforms the pain into pleasure.His mother is conducting medical experiment on three young women.Eiji decides to mix his serum with the experimental product that his mother is working on.Soon the girls start to hurt and mutilate themselves with a strange pleasure at doing it.The three main female actresses are truly interesting characters-one is obsessed with eating and her obsession later results in incredibly graphic and shocking self-cannibalism scene,another is obsessed with her image.The third,Rika Mikami suffers from extreme form of insomnia-a condition brought by the trauma of her first period."Naked Blood" is a slow-moving film filled with moments of totally extreme gore.The scene where one of the girls slowly eats her own nipple and eye has to be seen to be believed!Still the film is pretty difficult to understand,so fans of mindless Hollywood's horror should avoid it.A must-see for fans of Japanese extreme cinema.10 out of 10! - Embalmer

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Duration : 01:16:38
Resolution : 512x384
Codec : DivX 3 (Low motion)
FPS : 29,97
BitRate : 1110 Kbps
Quality Factor : 0,19 b/px

Codec : MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
Number of channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100 Hz
BitRate : 128 Kbps

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Image Image Image
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shita tai butinai turit pamatyt :!:
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Neseniai perziurejau sy filma. Visai patiko man jis... Ziaurokai atrodo, kai valgo savo aky... :wink:
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