Sigaw (2004)

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Sigaw (2004)

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Sigaw (2004)

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Plot: Marvin (Richard Gutierrez) savors his independence in a newly acquired unit of an old apartment building. He is frequently visited by his girlfriend Pinky (Angel Locsin). Except for the occasional noise from an apartment unit down the hallway, the place is almost perfect for Marvin. 
The discovery sets into motion a series of hauntings that follow him and Pinky around. he decides to leave his apartment but the hauntings follow them wherever they go. 
Marvin finally decided to confront the problem. He returns to the old apartment building to face the evil that dwells in it. What happens next shakes the very core of his beliefs about life, love and the spirit world. 


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Video Codec: XviD 
Video Bitrate: 881 kb/s 
Resolution: 704x288 
Aspect Ratio: 2.444 (2.35) 
Framerate: 23.976 Fps 

Audio Codec:MPEG-1 Layer 3 
Audio Bitrate: 125 kb/s 
Channels: 2 (Stereo) 
Samplerate: 48.000 KHz 

Runtime: 01:49 h 
File Size: 700 MB 
Language: Tagalog 
Subtitle: English  (((hardcoded))) 

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