Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: The Ultimate Power (2006)

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Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: The Ultimate Power (2006)

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Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: The Ultimate Power (2006)


  • It's more zombies and vampires as the Master Killer, Gordon Liu (Kill Bill 1 & 2) returns in this highly anticipated sequel to Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead! His fellow Taoist priest Hak (Terry Fan from The Story of Rick and Iron Fist) has turned into a vampire and he must use all his power to stop Hak and his legion of vampires from bringing eternal darkness to the nation. Spectacular special effects and terrific fights make Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power the perfect conclusion to this martial arts horror thriller!

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Supplier:         TBS
Ripper:           RSSM
Street date:      12/26/2006
Release Date:     17.01.2007
Genre:            Drama / Action / Martial Arts / Horror
Runtime:          95 minutes   
Source:           Original NTSC DVDR
Picture format:   NTSC Anamorphic Widescreen
Codec:            XviD
Video:            XVID 640x352 29.97fps 762Kbps
FPS  :            29.9fps
Audio:            Cantonese Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 384Kbps
Subs:             English, Romanian
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