[NEW] Daniel Myrick Talks Blair Witch 3 Plot


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[NEW] Daniel Myrick Talks Blair Witch 3 Plot

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Daniel Myrick Talks 'Blair Witch 3' Plot

Today we posted an exclusive on set interview with Daniel Myrick (co-creator of The Blair Witch Project) regarding his latest film Believers, which is slated for release on June 19 from Warner's Raw Feed label. Although most of the interview is about Believers, we did manage to score some details on where Blair Witch 3 would go if it ever gets made (come on Lionsgate!).

  • While on the set of his new movie BELIEVERS, director Daniel Myrick talked to Bloody-Disgusting a bit about the status of the next BLAIR WITCH movie, "We have a prequel idea, we even have a sequel idea, and we would like to explore the mythology one of these days. Lion’s Gate owns the rights to it right now, one of these days when they are prepared to get behind it; we’re prepared to shoot it. It’s all a matter of the money guys."

    Although that news is pretty old, we did manage to get more details on where the storyline would go, "Well, our idea for the prequel isn’t realizing any manifestation of the witch itself, it just delves into the mythology of the witch itself. How the legend got started, and arguably whether it was true or not," he continues, "I think it’s important to always maintain that ambiguity, whether the legend is a supernatural force in the woods, or if it is all in people’s minds. I think most boogeymen are just that, a little bit of both. What is Bigfoot really? Is it a bear, is it an eight-foot monster roaming the badlands…..for me the prequel would be an exploration of the start of the legend, the whole back-story, and would give people an idea of where all that mythology took root and why. I think that would be cool."

    BLAIR WITCH was a psychological horror film, quite opposite of the films being released over the past year, Myrick responds to the "phase" by separating himself, "I think it is like any cycle, be it the horror genre or whatever. Horror has always had the component of gore-fest. When I was growing up, there were always gore movies, and certain people like that sort of thing. Personally, I am not a big fan of it because I don’t find it that scary, I just find it uncomfortable. I like more psychological horror, that’s what floats my boat. I think that if people want to watch it and it is done well, I have no problem with it; I just don’t find it scary."
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